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    bow only here. :thumbup
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    98% of the time bow
    Started hunting with the rifle…then the rifle/gun law changed to such an extent that i sold it & bought my 1st bow,best decision ever,many farms here have converted to bow hunting only,recently the black powders has become a favorite amongst the hunters(myself incl.)shot a blue wildebeest with it (.50 pedersoli)but bow still favors best,the muzzle loader only goes with for in case some1 wounds an animal & is just out of bow range
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    I use a shotgun for wing shooting but bow for everything else.


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    i’ve hunted since my teens. taken most of my kills with a rifle..elk, deer, pigs..whatever.

    in 2007, i shot an elk. 150 yards..180gr partition. dropped it. something was missing. it was adrenaline.

    with a bow, it can be a squirrel, chukkar..marmot, the tiniest animal..and my adrenaline gets boiling. an approaching tom turkey..forget about it. the close proximity of bowhunting..CHANGES EVERYTHING!! the chance that the prey animal hears me and blows out of there is so exciting.

    i love firearms, but i love the chase more than the kill.

    i now only bowhunt. i cannot imagine the mess i become if i ever get the chance to bugle in an elk to 20 yards. i bet i pass out.:)

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    i catch the same kind of mess……. esp from my buddies while we are in the duck blind……j/k bow only here when i’m hunting…
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    Let'em sling75

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    I’ve killed my first buck with a gun….and it was awesome…then I got my hands on my bow..and never looked back…I to hunt with my bow durning gun season…But I did take the shotgun out once this year so its not just sitting all the time…it was windy so I figured let the 12g roar if something walked by
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    I like hunting with bow, muzzleloader, and rifle for deer. I still get pumped up when I shoot a buck or doe with a gun, so I will continue to do it. I love bow hunting, but it is nice to pull out the muzzleloader and hunt during the rut in my area. Then by the time rifle season comes around I like shooting does and filling up my freezer, if I hadn’t gotten much during bow and muzzleloader seasons. I haven’t killed a buck with my rifle for probably 8 years now. I am also still waiting for my first buck with my bow, when that happens I might not want to put the bow down. I have not tried hunting with my bow during spring turkey season yet. I love being mobile while hunting turkeys with my shotgun and I am not sure if I would like sitting in a ground blind trying to call them in to one setup. I might try it this year and I think I have a great spot to setup along a field edge. I applaud those that do hunt with just a bow, I bet it is a great challenge.
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    Bow Only for deer…………skills aren’t good enough to put the Benelli down during duck season!
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