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    if you do, do you shoot .357 or .38 out of it?

    im shooting .357

    *not me in pic, got it off the web, but it does accurately represent what it looks like when you pop a magnum cap

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    Blood Bath2006

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    I do. I practice with .38, but keep it loaded with .357 when it is in the holster behind my bed :thumbup
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    Mine is a S&W airweight in 38, but if it were a 357 I would still shoot 38 out of it. That thing will make your hands numb after 5 rounds on 39 +p. :^O
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    SP101 .357 loaded with .38+P. .39 just won’t fit. :^O :^O :^O
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    I had one a few years back! Shot .38’s playing but .357 for carrying!
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    My Ole man owns about 4 2” 357’s like said 38 for playn and 357 for carrying [=}=]
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    Mine mainly stays loaded with .38’s.I carry it while roaming on the lease,hanging stands,scouting,ect.Basically it’s a just in case carry. [=}=]
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    I love Smith J frames :D
    Had a M60 that I ran +P in.
    Always wanted the newer model, 3″ full lug, adj sights, in .357.
    Thought that’d be a nice trail/fishing rig.
    Little bit lighter than a 4″ 629 ;)

    Heard the Scandium J’s in mag are a bit of a handfull.

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    been looking at those snub 357’s i like the look,mean have a sig p220 45 nice gun [=}=]
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    357 myself.
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    I got the 4″ stainless model 66 .357 magnum and wanting to get a matching scope for it!!
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    I’ve got a GP100, but after someone posted a link on here to some Gemini custom SP101’s I’ve been really really thinking about picking one up..

    That said, I’d probably practice with .38+P and shoot it that way unless I really needed the extra flash/hand slap of the Mag.

    Who makes a .357Mag round optimized for a short barrel anyway?


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    gold dot makes a short barrel round for .357, its kind of like a super 38 +p+++.

    i use mine as a b.u.g. i need the extra flash/boom in case i miss a contact shot during a severe struggle. even if i miss…….. i win.

    its a 360pd scandium. 12 oz. empty. nice to carry even in my armpit. makes for a smelly gun though.


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