Any one using a Axion GLX Gridlock Micro Pro Sight. I have blurry pins :(

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    Age: 40
    Joined: 8/3/2014
    Location: Mn
    I put this on at to.
    You guys that use a long sight like this how do you use it.

    I have a Axion GLX Gridlock Micro Pro Sight with .19 pins on my 2010 Z7 28″ draw. pins are blurry. I have wore contacts and glasses all my life, I’m 39 now. Never had a problem with any sight before this one.
    Its not the sight its me. It’s 6″ from the front mounting holes to the pins give or take a bit.

    A 3/16 and 5/32 peep is still to big, It doesn’t cover up the 2″ glow ring for me.

    A shorter site work’s fine but do I really have to sell this one and get a shorter sight? There are lots of sights out there from 5″ to 10″s and beyond for hunting.
    I’m a hunter first but I do practice a lot out to 85 yards.
    How Do you guys that shoot long sights see you pins. Blurry? clear? or what?

    This is how I aim. line the pin up to the target, look at the target look at the pin back and forth and finely just look at the target and release. I pull back on the release gently the whole time till it goes off. It all happens kinda fast.

    Theses blurry pins brake my concentration. I still shoot good but its frustrating!

    I don’t want a versifier or lens.

    Bottom line is, I like the sight and don’t want to change it.
    Its not like me to feel this way but for some dame reason I cant let it go. I keep thinking there must be a way? I will sell it if I have to.

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    Joined: 10/22/2007
    You are at the age where presbyopia begins for most people.  For far-sighted individuals, it begins a little sooner.  My guess is that at the distance your pins are sitting you now are finding it difficult to accommodate (focus).  If such is truly the problem, the only solutions would be a verifier or clarifier or a tweak in one of your CLS scrips, especially if you shoot with both eyes open.  So in that sense, you are having each eye corrected differently, one for distance and one for near.
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    Yeah, what HE said. It’s a problem with the presbyterians!

    At least I think that’s what he said. Them was some mighty fancy verbages!  {#emotions_dlg.mathews_tongue}

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    Age: 40
    Joined: 8/3/2014
    Location: Mn
    Thanks. I’m going to the eye doc tomorrow. I’ll see what he can come up with.  I don’t want versifier or clarifier because I can see them fogging up on me in just the right moment. Cold here in Central MN some times.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_big_smile} Good fog making weather. but ill get one if I have to
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    Age: 40
    Joined: 8/3/2014
    Location: Mn
    Visit turned out good. He’s a bow hunter to!! My near site is still perfect for now. I’m 39 he must be 45 or so. He needs reading glasses but wares contacts. What he does to make his near sight better is he wares a RX just a bit weaker then he needs and that makes it so you can focus on near stuff  better and not need reading glasses or at least NOT as soon. It turned out he only had a test pare for me just a bit weaker then I need. Came home and took the bow out. Perfect CLEAR sight pins.  Maybe this post will help others reading it, that are at the age were there near sight is starting to go, has gone some, or cant see pins clear.  It really works just like a versifier.  PLUS I cant tell the far sight is weaker.
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