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    After all of the floods/rain/closed roads, it was good to finally get out elk hunting.
    I was slowly walking along a ridgeline at 9200 feet while cow talking with a Primos Hoochie Mama every 10 minutes or so. Time was 7:45 am in it was clear , calm, and 50 degrees. I let out 3 cow calls and Bull #1 instantly bugled in the dark timber 200 yards below me. I started to make my way down wind of him and hadn’t went down the hill 30 yards when I heard another bugle at 80 yds. I knelt down next to a tree , knocked an arrow, and quickly seen bull #2 walking in . A cow was trailing him  to investigate the cow calling also. I went to full draw with the z7 Magnum and waited as he came in above me.  He walked to the exact spot that I had just hit the  Hoochie Mama  and stood there broadside in the  clearing. The 100 grain Slicktrick Magnum tipped  arrow flew through both lungs . The bull  kicked both rear legs in the air 6 feet and took off. I called my hunting partner that had decided to sleep in and let him know I had just shot an elk . I told him that I  would wait for him before tracking. It was a lonnnnggggg 90 minutes before he arrived as  3 rain showers had passed through in that time. We found the arrow with the broadhead buried in a pine tree. We had a  good blood trail for first 50 yards and could follow his running tracks in the wet pine needled forest floor. Then it  started to sprinkle again and we lost the blood trail. He must have went back to walking after a hundred yards because we could know longer follow his tracks either. After 30 minutes of no sign…I had hit a new low.
    I figured the double lung hit elk would not go uphill so  I went down the mountain 100 yards from the last blood spot .  I peeked over a rock outcropping and there he lay at 20 yards away . Now I had reach a new high!

    Arrow in tree

    2013 Colorado Archery

    Pepper sticks, Jalapeno breakfast sausage, burger, roasts, and steaks will be ready to pick up in a week.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_hugs}

    Darryl in Colorado

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    Awesome!  Congrats on a fine Bull
    Reggoh Switchback XT - Still killing!
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    Y can’t I see the pics :(

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    Congrats on the bull
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    Congratulations on a nice bull … hunting in the rain is tough, tough to blood trail, too. Good thinking on the going downhill. I’ve had bulls that would go uphill, then lose the trail when they went down hill, pick it up and the bull started uphill again, then down hill again … but they always finish going down hill.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}

    I take it this was near your friend’s place around Hayden?

    Got a new recipe from my sister in Texas:

    Elk seasoned burger or fresh sausage, mix in shredded cheddar cheese. Make balls, make indent in ball, fill with cream cheese, close up ball and roll to fit Jalepeno pepper. Stuff Jalapeno pepper with Elk burger mix. Wrap Jalepeno with bacon strip, hold closed with toothpicks. Grill on high … hot, hot, grill to brown bacon, then move ‘poppers’ into a sheet of tin foil and turn grill down to finish.

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    You hit it right on the head.  It’s amazing how that high to low to high shows up.  Generally, perseverence has a lot to do with it, and a little luck is never a bad thing.  Congrats!
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    Congrats, nice KE on the pass thru. Great video too, thanks for sharing it.
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    ” I take it this was near your friend’s place around Hayden?”

    The roads opened up to where I could get into an area West of Ft. Collins.

    One of my two hunting partners got a 4×4 bull late last night. This morning the three of us road 3 miles on mountain bikes to get near the bull up at 10,500 feet. We were able to get the meat and the horns out in one trip. Was nice  coasting to the truck with a heavy pack frame loaded on my back. Saved us a a few hours of walking I figure.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}

    One more to go ,{#emotions_dlg.mathews_praying}


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    Way to stay with it bud…
    Congrats on your bull…

    PS.. I could see the picture either..

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    Very cool!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Jake’s Bull

    Jake had 6 bull elk bugling around him at once. Some were bigger but he shot the first bull to present a good shot..a good 10 yard shot!{#emotions_dlg.mathews_applause}






    Here’s mine back at the truck after 6 loads >>>>—–>

    My 2013 Bull with Jake


    My Last Load

    And finally back to where it all began.




    I’ll admit it was a bit unnerving walking out with elk horns sticking up above my head..during muzzle loader season, hence   all the orange ribbons.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_praying}

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    This is awesome! Thanks for the story and the picsI live in C Springs but I still have not had the opportunity to hunt elk! It is on my bucket list! It’s amazing how much an overseas job and 6 kids will wreck havoc with my hunting seasons.  Maybe someday I will have the time and a mentor to teach me the ropes.


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    Very good job of staying with the trail…..some don’t.

    Congrats on a great elk!!! {#emotions_dlg.mathews_applause}


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