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We're excited to announce the launch of the all-new coming very soon. We appreciate the support and feedback of this active online community, however, we will not be hosting a forum on the new site. We invite you to connect with us and each other on social media and other forums (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, and, where your passion and experience can be shared with a wider audience to help grow this sport.

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    I do think that having 400 pixels by 100 pixels banners in your sig. is going alittle far though…

    Thats the thing that put me over the edge, and made me make this post. Go fly the Big Ass Ross banner in your sig on AT or the Ross forum. Its about respect. And no Im not downing Ross either, Ive defended them a few times on here.

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    I first joined this forum to learn more about my mathews bow, when I was shooting high country dont think I would trespass here jmo.
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    I dont care what brand of bow anyone on this forum shoots. To be quite honest most of us just love to hunt and bowhunting is the bottom line. Mathews makes great bows and has the classiest forum and that is the reason everyone is welcome here. Fred Bear said “Its not whats in a mans hand but what is in a mans heart” I truly believe that. There may be guys out there that just cant afford a Mathews and I would want them to feel welcome on this forum because they bowhunt :) We sell many brands of bows in our shop-my main goal is to get a bow in a hunters hand. :thumbup
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    One last time, I just wanted to add this IS NOT ABOUT WHAT BRAND PEOPLE SHOOT. Its about respecting the people at Mathews that gave you this place.


    I agree with you 100%. And have been thinking the same thing.

    Oh ya :solocam

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    I doubt if theres a right or wrong, everyone has their right to post whateve avtar they want to on a public forum that does allow it. I for one am glad they do. When I first got on this site visiting for a while, it was for the purpose of learning about which bow I wanted for me. That has to be done with an open mind and consider every other bow out there. Reading that other people shot other brands and reading the reasons was an education that helped me decide on what bow I wanted for me. I learned alot. Had this been a site that only allowed pro Mathews pictures or comments, I would have never gotten both sides of the coin and a realistic look at it all. If that makes sense. I will always encourage the opposite side of the coin presented in everything I do.
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    I joined this forum to learn more about Mathews and archery…from fellow Mathews shooters and hunters…..If I were shooting another brand I would be on there site…..AT is for everyone…I feel this is a more specific site catering to Mathews Archers…duh, lol. Be proud of what you shoot but dont bash someone elses choices…We all need to work together to promote and keep safe out sport and way of life.
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    Great point Oklabow…

    Now that Im getting back into bowhunting, I wish my son was still going to school up in Tulsa so I could have an excuse to get up that way for some of that great deer hunting Oklahoma and Kansas offer.

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    shhhhh Oklahoma is a hidden treasure..few people realize how many deer and BIG deer we have in these little foothills lol….no drawing for tags, just buy em…….This will be my second year bowhunting…I am hooked….sitting in a tree stand is the best therapy ever…
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    I know when my son first started school up there that was one of the first phone calls I got !!!DAD!!!! You aint gonna believe the DEER up here…I still may have to get up that way sometime for sure. The area he got to see was up north of Tulsa somewhere on friends farm. Not only did it drive him nuts not getting to hunt up there, but He caught **** for wearing his ‘LSU national champs’ hat around…. thats just asking for it isnt it…
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    Well I was born and raised in Southern Oklahoma…graduated from Texas A&M….talk about catch grief, lol… You should check out Honobia WMA in SE Okla. $16 land access permit..3 1/2 mo archery season..not sure what non-resident license and tags run, but I’ll find out for ya. Just go in and camp, I assure you there are P&Y bucks in there.
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    Hey, Id appreciate it. email me if you get some info

    that smell you’ll smell in the woods will be hot shrimp gumbo…come in slow… :thumbup

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    Hey guys sorry for jacking the thread….. [=}=]
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    I think you are wrong.This is a mathews site,no doubt about it and many pro mathews shooters too.However it is a public forum and if someone shoots something other then mathews ,so be it.We are all here for basically the same reason.To have some fun and maybe even learn a little something about archery,gear,etc.Everyone has an opinion as to what BH is the best.They like to say that the BH they use is the best on the planet.Thats fine,it’s an opinion and like another part of the human body,everyone has one.I don’t think someone should try and push a particular brand of anything on anyone though. [=}=]
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    From some of the responses, I dont think people are actually reading this thing. One last time its NOT ABOUT THE BRAND YOU SHOOT BUT WEARING A BIG FLASHING BILBOARD FLAUNTING IT. #-o

    Its about respect, I guess they way I was brought up respect meant something. [=}=]

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    I haven’t been to the avatar gallery in a coon’s you know what, but do they offer avatars that aren’t dealing with mathews, but just archery in general? If so, then I’d say that they should use what is offered, or if not, then something that’s personal dealing with Mathews, or something personal that isn’t but is not for another bow company………but that’s just what I think. I think that if they had a problem with it they would have put up some kind of limitations for them. And if the administrators don’t have a problem with the use of other brand’s avatars, then I really can’t either……afterall, I’m here at the grace of the company [=}=]

    BTW, I didn’t vote, since I don’t think you’re right or wrong. I also think that it depends on the avatar itself. If it’s bashing Mathews, then I feel that it shouldn’t be on here, but if it’s just what they’re currently shooting, then I don’t see a problem with it because like we have pride and stick by Mathews’ products, so do they. JMHO [=}=] :-B

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