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    I think he is 2.5. I shot deer that big and they were only 2.5. I though they were 3.5 but was wrong. He just don’t have the mass that a 3.5 year old deer dose. At lest in PA.
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    2.5 from the trail cam picture I would say its a different. The first buck is much bigger.
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    Thanks for the info. :thumbup
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    I know that’s the same deer, because hes the only buck that is that big on our place. Every other one is a yearling, and all the deer for some reason on our trail pics are way skinnier than what they were in the fall, for some reason that I don’t know of.

    You can be suprised of what you never see, and also how far deer will range [=}=]

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    The body on the first picture tells me that he is probably going to be 4.5 this year…the bottom picture looks like a younger buck with more potential to me, although it is hard to tell on summer pics because their bodies aren’t beefed up yet. [=}=]
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    I’m going to say if it’s the same deer, he’s 4 1/2 this year. nice clean racked buck givem one more year unless he’s adament bout getting an arrow in himself…
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    Jeff K in IL

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    Top looks to be a definite 3.5 last year. The bottom, looks younger, 2.5
    IMO! [=}=]
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    i guess he is 4.5.. indeed i’m pretty sure about my guess
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    3.5 was my guess… Nice deer!
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