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    I just recently got back from over seas and have decided to upgrade my mathews feathermax which i have had for the past 10 years. I think its time she goes into retirement. Great shooting bow and had the opportunity to harvest two 140+ class bucks with her, because of this I guess you could say I am bias and without hesitation know the brand for me is a mathews. The technology has changed so much I am dumbfounded looking and reading about the specs of the new bows… I have a 28-29 inch draw I am a bigger guy at 6’2 only hunt out of climbers and occasional hang ons and primarily only bow hunt white tails. Can anyone give me their input or point me in the right direction on what bow to look at and consider… I am open to all suggestions. Price doesnt matter for i see it as a 10 year investment. Thanks guys.
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    I just upgraded from my old Drenalin to a Heli-m.  That old Dren was a wonderful shooter, but after my ranch manager saw me buying new bow after new bow to give to other folks, he just couldn’t stand it any longer and shoved this Heli into my hands.  What a great guy.

    I am setting it up, and will be in the field with it for a week beginning this weekend.  But so far, I can tell you that it shoots wonderfully.  A friend of mine got a new Creed, but told me he liked the Heli better, and is going back to that.

    Bottom line is that you can probably get a Heli a lot cheaper right now as people upgrade to new bows.  That’s what I would do.

    And if you want a place to hunt, give me a call.  Especially if you are near Texas.

    I will see what we can do.  Email me at  Come see the ranch at Buffalo Mountain Hunts website.  Archery only.

    From an old soldier to a newer one.


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    I have the 2013 Creed and i like it.  I also have a drenalin, switchback  and just bought my wife a new jewl that i like shooting better than my creed.  it can’t hurt to go to your local bow shop and test shoot a few bows.  where are you located? just wondering. I hope you find your perfect bow.
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    Thanks Jay I will definitely check out your website. I appreciate the advice the Heli-m is one of the three I have my eyes on at the moment. It’s down to the Heli-m, DXT, and the new creed xs. The problem I am having is being stationed at fort Bragg theirs not many dealers near me and the ones we do have don’t have all three in stock for me to shoot. I would have to dedicate a weekend driving all around to shoot the three bows to purchase one. Carbon launcher I appreciate the sound advice as mentioned above I’m at Bragg.
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    I went from the swbxt to the chill and love it.  I think the problem you are going to have in the area of Ft. Bragg is everyone is going to want your money and not give you sound advice. I was at Bragg form 95 to 98. That was the feeling i got when i went shopping around for different things in the Bragg area. Good luck
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    Texjim186, sounds like the same military “friendly” city as present day. I have called 3-4 dealers within a 45 minute drive and its funny because no one will give me a straight forward price on the new creed or chill. I get the same answer from all of them “why dont you come in and shoot the two and ill make sure to give you a deal worth driving from the Bragg area.” I went into one of the stores yesterday and saw the creed xs but wasnt permitted to shoot it because the store was closing and he wanted 899 for it which is $100 more than the local archery shop in my home town in Ohio. So needless to say I am keeping my money in my pocket until I return home over christmas leave and going to give it to the small business who actually gives a **** about its customers. You said you had the Chill….. Hows the dual cam work for you? The idea of dual cams blows my mind haha. I have norrowed my list to the Creed XS and the Heli-m. I removed the DXT from the list just for the fact between that and the creed xs i would rather have the newest bells and whistles. I definitely think I will have to try the chill. Definitely wont be upgrading again for another 10 years or so just like my first mathews. I want to thank all of you for advice, you are all prior military and I want to thank you for your service and paving the way and setting the standard high for the next generation. If you guys ever need anything or have a post of your own dont hesitate to PM me.
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