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    Jim Woulfe

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    Do the standard CX Maxima Hunter inserts accept the screw in PDP type weights? I am looking to add some weight to the front of my arrow to prevent me from using 125gn broadheads. The 125gn Montec Strikers are perfect for me, but I have had problems getting them to spin/balance correctly with that clunky brass washer. I would like to add the difference in weight to the back of the insert and just use the 100gn head instead. Thanks for the help.


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    I’ve used set screws in the same thread pitch and size as the broadheads to add weight to the front on my arrows. I believe it was a one inch long set screw that will give you approx 25 grains. I just screw it into the insert and hopefully your inserts are threaded all the way through and open I the back side. Screw it in deep enough so that your points still seat right and it will add the proper weight. I’ll check when I get home for the correct length to give to added weight. You’ll be looking for a #8-32 set screw.

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