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    OMG are you kidding! You should take the very first deer you can get a shot on and get one under your belt… Heck ill even take you and you will have plenty of chances at multiple deer… NEVER worry about what others think… its your hunt and do what you want. I once let go a ton of 14o” deer in KS and shot a 125″ late in the hunt and LOVED it! Some of my friends josh me but its all good… If all these so called Trophy Hunters killed a bigger deer every year they all would be eating tags. Look I would LOVE to go head to head with those guys in an area neither of us knows and Im confident I would come out on top… I have killed hundreds of deer with my bow since 1980 and i will tell you that there is no way they can all be trophy bucks. IMHO I think the midwest states are a cake walk anyway and I have hunted a few of them. Dont buy into the TV or Trophy hunt mentality and just KILL some woods rats!!!

    Thank You and I will remember your advice. I was telling myself I would take the first legal buck that crossed my path, and I am going to stick to that!! Thank you everyone for your feed back{#emotions_dlg.mathews}

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    The way I look at it is, as long as I’m going to be happy with it once it’s on the ground, I take it.  I would recommend making up your mind before hitting the woods. Don’t try to impress others.  Take whatever will make you happy, you’ll get your chance at the big ones some day.
    Best of luck ..
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    Thank you BUCK WILD, and Im going to take any legal buck that crosses my shooting lane! I cant wait to get in the woods this fall/winter!!!
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