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    Many of us remember the scene of Tiananmen Square in June of 1989, as tanks ran over protesters demanding freedom from the dictatorship in Beijing. Listen to the wisdom of someone who was there that day. To the liberty-minded, these words will be a breath of fresh air. To a few of you I’m sure it will be anathema.

    It’s worth noting the gentleman’s statement about the constitution of China states the rights of, “freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration.” It’s equally worth keeping in mind that when these rights are expressed in opposition to the ruling party, it becomes apparent that those liberties don’t actually exist in China at all. It was exercise of the freedom of speech and assembly that led to the massacre on that June day in 1989.

    So what would have happened had 20 million chinese had access to firearms and high capacity magazines that day? It’s quite possible that the outcome would have been entirely different.

    [btw, it's also interesting to listen to the crowd's response when the man indicated that he is an immigrant. Obviously these people are intolerant pigs who hate people from other cultures!]


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