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    what the best recommendation for a bow to get my son?
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    Check out the mission lineup they are bows that can grow with your son.


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    Mission Menace….which I believe the newest model of this is now the Mission Craze. My 11 year old daughter shoots the Menace. Has great adjustability on draw and on weight. Very big weight range, and what makes that possible is the weight goes down when you shorten the D/L and goes up when you lengthen it with out turning the limb bolts up/down, and is ALSO adjustable by the limb bolts.

    Diamond Razors Edge….my son shoots this one, 29-60 adjustable draw weight, 19-29 adjustable draw length. Another one a youngster can grow with.

    Bow Tech Assassin SD, also same bow as the Bow Tech Heartbreaker……This one starts at 22.5 and goes up to 26 or 27 on DL, dont remember exactly. 22.5 may still be too long for a 9 year old, my son is 9 and is shooting 20.5 currently. If he is a lankier kid and can fit into a 22.5, I’d have to suggest this one above all. My wife just chose this one, and it is SWEET! I haven’t chrono’d it yet, but shes shooting 24″ DL and about 36lbs and it is blistering in comparison to my son’s Razors Edge set at 20.5 and 35lbs (yep, my 9 year old can pull as much as my wife :^O ) and in comparison to my daughters Menace set at 22″ and about 34lbs. Its dead quiet, as smooth as I’ve very felt…..yep I had to let one loose with it just to feel it, and I also shot the regular Assassin at the shop, which is the very same bow only with the longer draw length adjustments.

    Anyway, all 3 of these are great youth/ladies bows!

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    My 9 yr old son shoots a PSE Discovery while my 6 yr old daughter shoots a Mathews Genesis.
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