2013 Monster Chill bow review from Down Under

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    Hi Guys,

    Here is link to a Monster Chill bow review from Australia!

    http://www.bowhunting-forum.com/showthr … air…….!



    PS. You’ll have to join the site to view the pics.

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    U cant see anything without signing up. Na
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    Nice site…

    I found this response on the tread the most informative.

    This little bow shoots extremely accurately considering it’s shorter riser . It just seems to hold more easily on target than my MR6 and the decrease in carrying weight over the heavy MR series Monsters is very noticeable.
    I understand your concern about speed but you will definitely be able to shoot the CHILL with at least ½” longer draw length than any of the other MR Monsters due to the way the DYAD cam’s back wall has been reconfigured. It is very solid. This ability to shoot a longer draw length will give you an extra 5-6fps on your arrow speed. If you have an MR7 at say 28” draw, you will be comfortable with a CHILL at 28.5” draw and the speed difference between the two bows will then only be around 4-5fps with the same arrow.
    One common complaint about the short ATA bows is that the archer at full draw has to tilt their head too far forward to get their nose onto the string. This can make the short bows uncomfortable for some archers. However, the CHILL has huge cams (5 ½ “ across) and adds an extra 4” of bow length at full draw. So even though it is only 30.5” ATA, the CHILL shoots like a bow around 2-3” longer.

    I would say this mirrored my feelings after shooting this bow.


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    Thanks for sharing that review, interesting view point with the feel of a longer ATA bow. I’d agree on the lighter weight compared to the MR7 but it didn’t feel like the same ATA as my MR7. I could sense the shorter window at full draw at 28″. If it were less than 4# difference than the MR7 it would make some sense to order one.

    gjarcher got some more speed out of his monster by changing the strings and cables over to a 8190X set. If that what it would take I would do that and pickup some more fps.

    November 27, 2012 at 2:09 am #541751 Back to Top REPORT

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    Went to my Mathews Pro shop today to shoot all they had. I shot the G5 Prime, Hoyt Carbon, MR7, Creed, and the Chill. I buy a bow every 2 years for fun. Money is not a consideration. I don’t ask price till we write up the purcahse. I am not rich…… but this is my love. I really thought I would be buying the Chill based on the reviews. I quickly ruled out bows other than the Creed and the Chill based on feedback from the bow. I could not decide between the chill and the creed for about an hour. It came down to the chill having more speed and terrible backstop vs the Creed having excellent backstop and a bit less speed . Well, after many many shots, I realized that the creed had less vibration and felt much more consistant due to the backstop. I noticed the arrow moving a little with the Chill due to me not sustaining my anchor. I shoot competitively and I know I am not perfect. I chose the Creed to rule out this variable. I hope this helps. In conclusion. you will not believe how vibration free these mathews bows are! All I can say is WOW! Thanks Matt!
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