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  • May 9, 2010 at 11:10 pm #530431 Back to Top REPORT

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    When the VISA company calls me and sez STOP….. well, I STOP :D

    Seriously…. other than the tag expence, I am a low budget hunter.

    Camo…. dont care!

    scent control garments…. will not buy them,I will use the wind and other
    natural scent measures :thumbup

    Most of my “bait”… yes I bait, comes from local apple trees… I do spend around $60 on corn…. I have a dozen hunting arrows that I purchased two years ago… two Does in the freezer….. I’m still good for 10 more years ;)

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    New Mathews DR2, downforce rest, Toxonics sight, arrows, broadheads, bow case, quiver plus all the usual, licence, gas, food. Yea, well over $1000.
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    this year just got really expensive just ordered a blacked out M7 so between 5K and 1K after it is all said and done
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    I’m already in close to $1,000, depending on draw results it could go around of $5,000.
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    Steve Walters

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    Typically between $1000.00 & $2000.00 with all the local hunting and the out of State Trip(s).
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    I like to spur the economy. :D Just what I do, and I like to experiment with equip and such. It’s how I have fun.
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    To the guys that seriously spend less than $500….. HOW ??? I mean, how do you do that… buy a $10 deer tag and a handful of Walmart arrows ?!? :-S

    Still have arrows from last year. :thumbup
    I chose not to upgrade my bow every year – My Mission Kills very well! [-X
    Muzzy 3-blade replacement blades ($12.00)
    Hunting tag (Free for Military in Texas)!!:thumbup
    Hunt Family Land!! :D (40 acres in Kerrville, Tx)

    I do plan to buy a ground blind and more climbing sticks (~$300)

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    i lost a bunch of clothes when i sunk my truck in the river. so i have to replace those. im good on arrows, broadheads, boots, and such. need a good flashlight and a new knife. im in the $500+ range probably. and i know i wont NEED them but a dozen arrows might come in the mail too.
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    Well under $500…wish I had the money to spend thousands of dollars every year. So far I bought a bag target because my reezen destroyed my old one and my 3D target last year. I also spent $30 on blue dampners. The only other thing I will probably get is my license and tags here in VA. I wish I had the money to buy my finace a passion and deck it out, maybe when we get the 2010 taxes back. I guess that will bring me to about $175 or less this year.
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    I did not answer the pole as my wife has enough amo with the mystry of the two or more whatever it is Hard copy catalog’s from Cabela’s every year. :^O

    the other thing is I don’d want to know. If I knew I was eating a $500 duck or a steak from a $5000 elk, it just may tend to spoil my apatite, causing me to go on more hunts and fishing trips just to forget. ](*,)

    Ron /////// Archery and Fly fishing
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    Tags is all that it is costing me.

    Elk 57.00
    GEN Deer 43.00
    Spec Deer 43.00
    Conservation Stamp 12.50
    Archery Stamp 16.00
    4 Doe/Fawn Whitey 4×16.00

    Grand Total $235.50 for this fall

    Forgot Fuel $50.00


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    Tags is all it costs me in Colorado … plus gas.

    I put in for Mule Deer each year, but really don’t expect to be drawn. Draw is the only way to get a Mule Deer tag in Colorado … been 5 years now ](*,)

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