175-200 grain point?

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    All the arrow charts go to a 125 grain point. Is anyone shoting a 200 grain point out of their bow?

    How are you getting the arrow tuned for the correct length?

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    I have my field points and broadheads weighted to 175 grains with a total arrow weight of 475 grains. Carbon Express Blue Streak Selects cut to 30 inches with a 29 draw length out of a 45 lb. bow. FOC at 14.6 percent.
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    Use a program like Archers Advantage.

    Think of arrow tuning as getting the spine right.

    Generalizations for a given arrow:
    Increase point weight — decrease spine
    Increase nock end weight — increase spine
    Arrow cut longer = weaker spine
    Arrow cut shorter = stiffer spine

    Heavier DW requires a stiffer spined arrow
    Lighter DW requires a weaker spined arrow

    There is an advantage of shooting the maximum OD allowed by the rules when it comes to cutting lines and getting the higher score. 

    There is also an advantage of pulling a lighter DW — less fatigue over a round. You could argue the holding weight issue matters — but you can adjust that depending on the cam you use. 

    So, if I want a low DW with a maximum sized OD (for which I pay the penalty of being grossly over spined given a normal length arrow with a moderate weight tip), I can cut it longer than normal and increase the tip weight to bring the spine back down. 

    Are there folks out there that do this?  For one setup, I shoot Easton Full Bores cut to 27.5″ with 150 grain tips. For another, I shoot the same arrow cut to 29.5″ with 100 grain tips. I realize that neither gets up to the 200 grain tips you were asking about. 

    But look at the setups for these guys shooting targets.

    How many of these guys are shooting 200+ grain tips in their setup?  And these folks aren’t just average archers.   What have they figured out that other folks haven’t?

    See what this guy had to say on the subject.

    http://www.dudleyarchery.info/article?d … t&start=40

    http://www.dudleyarchery.info/article?d … t&start=10

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