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    All things being equal (draw length, arrow length, arrow rest and release) what advantage will I have with the new Creed as opposed to my old Outback? Currently shooting around 260 fps and have no problem killing deer. Will my speed increase? Will I shoot tighter groups? I paid 550 for this bow brand new. I’m guessing the new one will be twice that much. Will I receive twice the benefit?
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    The only person who can tell if it’s worth upgrading is you. Have you shot it? What did you think?
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    The new CreedXS has an IBO of 321, compared to 308 on the Outback. Is that enough to warrant an upgrade, for me, no. I think you would be surprised though, if you shot them side by side.  The new bows seem to “feel” better, to me. I had an ’05 Switchback, that I loved and have a friend that still owns one. I shot it along with last years Creed and there was no comparison. The SB is still a great bow, just not in the same league as the new offerings, IMO.


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    Can’t exactly answer your question as I don’t own and haven’t shot the new Creed but:

    I just passed my Outback (04) to my son. 70 lb bow and I don’t need to be shooting that much these days. Love the bow. Had a Switchback but preferred the Outback.
    Moving on – I now have a Heli-m. Reminds me somewhat of the Outback, but is smoother on the draw, faster and accurate. Of the two, I much prefer the Heli-m.

    My point is; I think you’ll like the newer offerings – but you have to do the choosing. Take the Outback and shoot what-ever side-by-side.
    Then you WILL know.

    Have fun!

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