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I need to change the draw length of my bow, what do I need to do?

You will need to visit an authorized retailer to purchase a new cam in the correct draw length. If your cam is adjustable your maximum adjustment is one inch. For your dual cam McPherson Series Monster bows, your retailer can change your modules to adjust your draw length.

Does Mathews offer any bows for longer draw length shooters (33 and 34-inch)?

Yes, Mathews offers the Prostar that will accommodate draw lengths of 31 to 37 inches with half inch sizes also available as well as the MR8 that accommodates draw lengths to 33 inches

I’ve noticed a lot of bow accessories, hunting apparel and garments featuring Lost Camo and/or the Mathews name. Where can I find more information on these products and how do I purchase them?

Mathews has over 80 licensees that bare the Mathews name and/ or feature Lost Camo. More information about the Mathews Officially Products can be found here. To order any of the products or to obtain information on all of the Mathews Licensed Products, please visit your Authorized Mathews Retailer.