Mathews Accessories

Browse through the most commons questions Mathews customers have about Mathews Accessories. If you do not see your question here, please send your question to us at Mathews Inc.

Are there any Mathews products I can buy direct?

All bows, accessories, Mathews Genuine strings and cables, and Officially Licensed Products are sold exclusively through Authorized Mathews Retailers.

I have seen the Monkey Tail accessories on Current Mathews Bows, how can I get these for my bow?

The Monkey Tails are sold through our Authorized Mathews Retailers and are available in all our Custom Colors.

I’ve heard a lot about a new Focus grip that Mathews makes, how is it different & will it fit on my bow?

The Mathews Focus grip helps minimize hand torque in the event of poor hand placement by keeping pressure concentrated in the center of the grip. This is unlike most typical grips that move pressure to the outside edge which increases hand torque. The Focus grips are compatible with most Mathews models, excluding the Mustang, Ignition and any bow with a mechanical integral grip. Each Focus grip has a solid colored line that you choose the option of. The options are: blue, yellow, pink, red, green, orange, purple, gray & white.

Will the Dead End String Stop fit on my older Mathews bow?

We have two options of the Dead End String Stop. Our standard version is for bows with a brace height of up to 7 inches and another for bows with a 7-9 inch brace height. You can verify with your local authorized retailer to see if your bow is compatible with either option.

What arrows and or broadheads does Mathews recommend?

Mathews does NOT recommend specific arrows or broadheads. The recommended minimum arrow weight is 5 grains per pound of draw. For specific arrow and broad head recommendations, visit your authorized Mathews retailer or arrow manufacturer of your choice.

Can I put a Harmonic Stabilizer on any bow?

Yes, you can put a Harmonic Stabilizer on any bow that utilizes the Harmonic Damping System.

Does the one piece T-Series quiver come in right- and left-handed models?

Yes, our T Series quiver is left hand/right hand interchangeable. You simply move the mounting bracket from one side of the quiver to the other side along with the anti-back-out screw, and a right becomes a left. This change also provides you the option to move your quiver if you need to raise or lower it. For shooters with longer arrows, you can move your quiver so that your arrows don’t stick out farther than your bow when mounted in your quiver.

What rest does Mathews recommend for its bows?

For most Mathews bows we recommend the Mathews Down Force Arrow Rest. The Down Force stabilizes the arrow longer and the spring-loaded cradle retracts up to five times faster than conventional drop-away rests. A Harmonic Damper absorbs vibration and noise. A video of the rest in action can be found here.  Additionally, for archers looking for a full containment rest, we recommend the Mathews Ultra Rest.  It operates as a drop away rest and utilizes full containment technology.

How is IBO speed rated?

We test speeds with IBO specifications.  Which means we use a 70-pound draw weight and at 30-inch draw length with an arrow that weighs 350 grains.

Where do I purchase the new colored accessories you have available?

You can purchase the new colored accessories from any Mathews retailer. They are available in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red & yellow. You can color-customize the Dead End String Stop, String Suppressor Fingers and your Harmonic Dampers.