Bow Registration & Warranty

Browse through the most commons questions Mathews customers have about bow registration and bow warranties. If you do not see your question here, please send your question to us at Mathews Inc.

How are Mathews bows registered?

Your bow can be registered online, here, or by your Authorized Mathews Retailer.

Is there any warranty on a bow purchased online & is there any way to transfer the warranty of a Mathews bow?

No. The Mathews bow warranty ONLY applies to the original owner of a bow when it’s purchased from an authorized Mathews retailer. There is no way to transfer a warranty or purchase warranty for a used bow. If you are purchasing a gift you will be encouraged by your retailer to register the bow to the person receiving the gift, not the purchaser.

I won a Mathews bow from a banquet or benefit I recently attended, how do I get the bow registered?

You can visit any authorized Mathews retailer and ask that they contact our warranty department for assistance with the completion of bow registration. All bow registration is processed through an authorized Mathews retailer.

What is the warranty on Mathews bows?

Warranty information can be found here.