Questions and Answers

Browse through the most commons questions Mathews customers have. If you do not see your question here, please send your question to us at Mathews Inc.

I am having troubles logging into My Mathews/ Forum account. What should I do?

Please click here to email Mathews.

How do I become a member of the Mathews ProStaff?

Thank you for your interest in the Mathews Shooters Program and congratulations on your shooting success. It is obvious that you enjoy the performance of quality equipment. We are thankful to have many professional representatives in the field such as you.

In reference to the shooters program, most Mathews Shooters currently coordinate through their local Mathews Retailer.  Currently all sponsorships from the factory have been filled, however you can submit a resume for review and future reference. Please consider contacting your local retailer regarding a sponsorship with Mathews. Thank you again and good shooting.

How are Mathews bows registered?

Your bow can be registered online, here, or by your Authorized Mathews Retailer.

Is there any warranty on a bow purchased online & is there any way to transfer the warranty of a Mathews bow?

No. The Mathews bow warranty ONLY applies to the original owner of a bow when it’s purchased from an authorized Mathews retailer. There is no way to transfer a warranty or purchase warranty for a used bow. If you are purchasing a gift you will be encouraged by your retailer to register the bow to the person receiving the gift, not the purchaser.

I won a Mathews bow from a banquet or benefit I recently attended, how do I get the bow registered?

You can visit any authorized Mathews retailer and ask that they contact our warranty department for assistance with the completion of bow registration. All bow registration is processed through an authorized Mathews retailer.

Are there any Mathews products I can buy direct?

All bows, accessories, Mathews Genuine strings and cables, and Officially Licensed Products are sold exclusively through Authorized Mathews Retailers.

I have seen the Monkey Tail accessories on Current Mathews Bows, how can I get these for my bow?

The Monkey Tails are sold through our Authorized Mathews Retailers and are available in all our Custom Colors.

I’ve heard a lot about a new Focus grip that Mathews makes, how is it different & will it fit on my bow?

The Mathews Focus grip helps minimize hand torque in the event of poor hand placement by keeping pressure concentrated in the center of the grip. This is unlike most typical grips that move pressure to the outside edge which increases hand torque. The Focus grips are compatible with most Mathews models, excluding the Mustang, Ignition and any bow with a mechanical integral grip. Each Focus grip has a solid colored line that you choose the option of. The options are: blue, yellow, pink, red, green, orange, purple, gray & white.

Will the Dead End String Stop fit on my older Mathews bow?

We have two options of the Dead End String Stop. Our standard version is for bows with a brace height of up to 7 inches and another for bows with a 7-9 inch brace height. You can verify with your local authorized retailer to see if your bow is compatible with either option.

What arrows and or broadheads does Mathews recommend?

Mathews does NOT recommend specific arrows or broadheads. The recommended minimum arrow weight is 5 grains per pound of draw. For specific arrow and broad head recommendations, visit your authorized Mathews retailer or arrow manufacturer of your choice.