Bow Finder

Archery is the sport of purists; a connection between archers, their equipment and their downrange pursuits. Each time you draw your bow and touch off a shot — using your own effort, strength, focus and intensity — you unleash energy you create and direct. Anyone who has ever held a bow in their hand, came to full draw, and released an arrow, can attest to that magical feeling that can’t be described, but must be experienced. At Mathews, we want your shooting experience to be amazing in every way. Every time. That is why we have developed the Bow Finder utility. After answering a few simple questions, we’ll point you to the one Mathews bow that fits all of your hunting/shooting needs perfectly

What will your bow be used for?
Bowhunting Both 3-D shooting and bowhunting Competitive Target Shooting
What archery discipline do you typically participate in?
3D and Unmarked Distances (IBO- International Bowhunter’s Organization) Indoor and Outdoor Marked Distances (ASA, FITA, NFAA, NAA)
What is your primary method of hunting?
Spot and Stalk Treestand/ Groundblind
What type of game-animal do you primarily hunt?
Large to Medium Big Game (Grizzly, Cape buffalo, Elk, Moose and Caribou) Medium to Small Game (Whitetail, Muley, Cues Deer, Turkey)
When considering a new bow, which is more important?
All-out speed Smooth Draw Cycle Lightweight Stability, Forgiveness and Accuracy All of the Above