My Mathews Moment Winners Announced!

September 4, 2012 - Mathews Inc


Thank you to all who submitted their moments and voted! Mathews is truly blessed to have the best fans and supporters in the world and that is extremely evident with the quality and quantity of Mathews Moments submitted!

This Mathews Moment is currently in 1st place! “My Mathews Moment in Kansas”

“My Mathews Moment in Kansas” submitted by Waylon Deatrick. Waylon wins an all-expenses paid hunt with Dave Watson to be featured on Mathews TV and a new Mathews H?lim!

Since picking up a Mathews, my groups are tighter and confidence greater. Come along as I travel to Kansas and harvest a beautiful whitetail on public land with my DXT. I won’t shoot anything but Mathews!

This Mathews Moment is currently in 2nd place! “Ozark Girl”

Second place winner, “Ozark Girl”. Emily will receive a brand new Mathews H?lim.

In the year that I have been shooting a bow I have been blessed to experience many Mathews Moments. From spending time with family and friends target shooting to hitting the woods with my Mathews Jewel. I was fortunate enough to get my most exciting Mathews Moment on video and I am excited to share it with others.

This Mathews Moment is currently in 3rd place! “Catch us if you can!”

Third place winner, “Catch us if you can!” was submitted by Erik Buchmiller from South Price, UT.

In 2011 I was fortunate enough to take my largest archery buck to date with my Z7 from 16 yards! Thank goodness I took my brothers advice in getting a mathews!

This Mathews Moment is currently in 4th place! “My Hog, My Way, My Mathews Moment”

Fourth place winner, “My Hog, My Way, My Mathews Moment” was submitted by Candace Hubble from Corpus Christi, TX .

My Mathews DXT provided me with one of my greatest hunting experiences so far. Usually my husband helps me track and recover any animals I harvest, but this time I did it my way. After the shot I followed the blood trail and retrieved my 184lb hog on my own. It was a great feeling to do this and my Mathews bow gave me the confidence I needed. Thanks Mathews!

This Mathews Moment is currently in 5h place! “Three Mathews Moments – One Bow”

Fifth place winner, “Three Mathews Moments – One Bow” was submitted by Mark Kennedy from La Grange NC.

Since switching to Mathews I have experienced not only an increase in accuracy but distance as well. Check out these three backyard trick shots and you’ll see why I’m sold on Mathews bows. One is at 200 yards, one is at 20 yards and the third, well, you’ll just have to see it to believe it. With my Mathews Z7 I can say with confidence…… never under estimate the old guy.

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