Fun Ways to Fling Arrows

August 15, 2014 - Antler Geeks

By: Tyler Ridenour / Antler Geeks

Spots. Ever get tired of seeing them? How about shooting them?
Yeah, us too.
Flinging arrows in the backyard with friends is always a good time and good practice. But it can go stale after a bit. So we figured it was time to spice things up a bit. And, archery games are a great way to do just that. Here’s five that will test your skills and break you out of that ho-hum practice routine:

Archery Baseball1
Batter up. Morrell recently unveiled a series of target faces that bring the world of sports into the world of archery. The baseball target features scoring areas that allow to keep score and up your batting average.
Requires at least two to play but can accommodate multiple archers at once.

Archery Golf
Another in the Morrell line, Archery Golf brings a new level of cool to the sport of golf.
The target represents a par 3 layout. That small dot in the center? Yeah, that’s the hole. The closer you get, the lower your score.
The game works with multiple archers but, for the sake of your arrows, you may want to split into groups and play challenge rounds. Otherwise, someone may lose a nock. Or two.

An archery twist on a childhood favorite. All you need to play this game is large piece of paper or cardboard. The standard three across, three down setup will work just fine for shooting with a partner. Want to add more archers into the mix? Add more rows. Decide the first shooter using the time-honored system of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

If you’re more Katniss Everdeen than Kareem Abdul Jabar, this is your version of the classic contest. Played with two or more shooters taking turns and calling their shots, don’t hesitate to get creative here. When a participant drops a shot they get a letter, the first shooter to spell the word is the loser. With more than two archers playing the game continues until one remains.

Longest Shot
This game can be played two ways. In the first version, all participants shoot at a set IMG_5765distance and closest to the bullseye wins.
For the second version, start at a closer range and all shooters aim for a designated target. All those to hit the target move on and the distance increases by 10 yards for the next round. Miss the mark and you’re out. This continues until one archer remains and is the winner.

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