Q&A with Dan McCarthy

July 22, 2014 -

By BowhunterPlanet.Com

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For 30 year old Dan McCarthy archery and winning go hand in hand. This Wisconsin native is one of the top target shooters in the world. McCarthy is not only a target shooter but a hunter as well. In the target circuit McCarthy is a household name, winning many major competitions and pulling in top sponsorships from big archery companies. Not only is McCarthy a professional target shooter he is also a true outdoorsmen and spends most of his time working in the industry and the other half living the outdoor lifestyle. We caught up with Dan to ask him some one on one questions.

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How did you become an archery target shooter?

I’ve always been competitive and loved playing sports. When I started shooting my bow, to practice hunting at first, it was just a natural progression from there into tournament shooting.

What makes a good target shooter?

Somebody that hates losing, who can learn from their mistakes, and somebody who thrives under pressure instead of cracking under pressure.

dan-deerWho taught you to hunt?

My awesome DAD!
He took me everywhere as a kid with him….and it made me who I am today!

If you could change anything about archery what would it be?

I wish it was easier for kids to travel to tournaments; it’s a great sport filled with the best kind of people! If they only got a taste of the tournament atmosphere, they’d be hooked for life!

You have been sponsored by different bow manufacturers. What do you look for when selecting the right one?

Quality equipment! I like winning more than losing—I need something I can win with!

What is your best memory of a competition?

Winning my first ASA Pro Shooter Of The Year and winning the ASA World Championship on the same weekend.

What is your worst memory of a competition?dan- win checks

Losing the IBO Pro Shooter of the year by 1 point, the IBO National Triple Crown Championship by 2 points, and the Third Leg of the IBO National Triple Crown by 4 points on the same weekend!

What do you do when not shooting?

I hunt or fish….and sleep!

If you could give any advice for upcoming target shooters what would it be?

Nothing is given to you in life; if you want it, go take it! Wake up every day and put forth the effort needed to accomplish your dreams…and buy a Mathews Chill-X (because it’s awesome!)

What do you do when not hunting or fishing?
I prepare for my next hunting or fishing trip–or my next tournament…..I literally eat, sleep, and live this life! I also handle product development for Black Eagle Arrows when I’m not hunting or fishing.

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