Price and Morehead Win 3rd Leg of IBO National Triple Crown

July 21, 2014 - mikez

The third leg of the IBO National Triple Crown was held July 11 – 13 in Marengo, Ohio.  This is the final tournament and the last chance for the competitors to make a move in the National Champion race.  When the winners were announced, Duane Price and Ginger Morehead won the titles in their respective classes.

So far this year, Duane Price has shown that he come win in many different kinds of archery tournaments.  Price has won an ASA tournament and an NFAA tournament.  Well, this week, n the Pro Senior class, Price added his first IBO win of the season.  Price had a final score of 405-15 to capture the title.  Second place went to Tipton Cook with a score of 404-17 and Bill Sennick was third with a score of 404-15.  Mathews finished with six of the top ten finishers in the class.  The rest of the top ten included: Art Brown, 403-17, 4th place; Lynn Morrison, 393-12.1, 9th place and Joe Brooks, 393-12 in 10th place.

In the Pro Female class, Ginger Morehead got her first win since 2007 this week.  Morehead had a final score of 399-14 to capture the title.  Sharon Carpenter finished in second place with a score of 390-13.  Mathews finished with five of the top ten finishers in the class.  The rest of the top ten included: Kaitlyn Price, 384-15, 4th place; Emily Veyna, 384-14, 5th place and Tina Huntzinger, 369-13 in 7th place.

In the Pro Male Release class, the top Mathews finisher was Tommy Gomez.  Gomez had a score of 416-23 and finished in fourth place.  Brandon Reyes was 8th with a score of 412-20.

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