Kailey Johnston Wins ASA IL Title

July 1, 2014 - mikez

The final ASA tournament before the Classic was held June 27 – 29 in Metropolis Illinois.  This is the Mathews Pro/Am.  All of the archers want to win this and carry that momentum into the Classic.  When the winners were announced, Kailey Johnston walked off the range with her first title of the season.

Kailey Johnston is coming off a season where she won the ASA Classic and the IBO World championship.  So far this year, Johnston had not captured her first win yet.  Johnston is in college and her studies have made things tough as far as practice goes.  She has still had very good results.  Well, now that she is done for the year with school, she has made a statement to the rest of the class.  That statement is look out, I am ready to go!  This week, Johnston proved that she is one of the toughest competitors in the Women’s Pro class.  Johnston had a final score of 461 – 9 and won the championship.  Second place went to Sharon Carpenter with a score of 458-4.  Mathews finished with a total of eight shooters in the top ten.  The rest of the top ten included: Ginger Morehead, 457-9, 4th place; Connie Calloway, 440-5, 5th place; Sherry Hott, 396-4, 6th place; Emily Veyna, 394-5, 7th place; Kaitlyn Price, 393-9, 8th place and Kelly Ward, 390-2 in 10th place.

In the Open Pro class, the top Mathews finisher was Dan McCarthy.  McCarthy had a score of 522-22 and finished in third place.  Mathews had five of the top ten finishers in the class.  The rest of the top ten included: Jacob Marlow, 522-21, 4th place; Ty Adkins, 498-20, 7th place; Brandon Reyes, 429-18, 8th place and Jeff Hopkins, 427-19 in 10th place.

In the Senior Pro class, the top Mathews finisher was Art Brown.  Brown had a score of 473-15 and finished in second place.  Third place went to Duane Price with a score of 468-11.  Mathews finished with seven of the top ten finishers in the class.  The rest of the top ten included: Brad Wheeler, 464-14, 5th place; Ray Young, 407-15, 6th place; Jesse Morehead, 407-10, 7th place; Joe Brooks, 406-9, 8th place and Phil Long, 405-10 in 10th place.

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