Gellenthien Wins Arizona Cup Crown

April 8, 2014 - mikez

GellenthienThe Arizona Cup was held April 3- 7 in Phoenix Arizona.  This tournament is made up of the qualification rounds and then head to head elimination rounds.  When the final arrows were scored, Braden Gellenthien won his first tournament of the season.

In the Compound Combined Men class, Mathews had two of the top four qualifiers in the class.  Braden Gellenthien qualified in the number 2 position after turning in a score of 705 and teammate Bridger Deaton was fourth with a score of 703.  As the day unfolded, Gellenthien and Deaton were on a collision course to meet in the finals. That is exactly what happened.  The gold medal match was an all Mathews event!  Gellenthien turned in a score of 147 to win the gold and Deaton was not able to match that.  His score of 144 was good enough to capture the silver medal.

In the Compound Combined Women class, the top Mathews finishers were Sarah Lance and Tristan Skarvan.  Lance qualified in the third position and she came up two points short to advance to the quarterfinals. Skarvan qualified 13th and she also failed to advance to the quarterfinals by 2 points. Lance and Skarvan finished in ninth overall position for the tournament.

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