Exclusive Look: Mathews Monster Chill R

November 3, 2013 - Curt Wells - Editor, Bowhunter Magazine | Co-Host Bowhunter TV

Few things can pull me away from my treestand when the whitetail rut is on, but a chance to shoot a new bow is one of them. Last week, my new 2014 Mathews Monster Chill R showed up at the door, so I took a break from hunting to set it up and do some shooting.

Longer Axle-to-Axle Length
As I slipped my new Monster Chill R out of the box, the first thing I noticed was the longer axle-to-axle length, which is a welcome change from my 2013 Monster Chill. The only thing I would have changed in that bow was the 30.5-inch axle-to-axle length. Since I shoot a 30-inch draw, I feared the bow might be a bit too short for my draw length. That concern turned out to be unfounded, however, as last year’s Monster Chill shot very well for me and was responsible for a muskox and a caribou in August.

Setting Up Chill REven then, the engineers at Mathews must have been reading my mind, because the new Chill R is 33 inches from axle-to-axle. The riser is about the same length, but the limbs are a bit longer and the angle of the limb pockets has changed. This extra length softens the extreme string angle for long-draw archers like myself. While most bowhunters would do just fine with the 30.5-inch Chill, the new Chill R is perfect for my size and style of bowhunting.

Great Speed
Another feature that separates the Chill R from its predecessor is brace height. It has been shortened from 7 inches on the Chill to 6 1/8 inches on the Chill R. That longer power stroke translates into more arrow speed, and with an IBO speed rating up to 342 fps, the Chill R is definitely a speed bow.

Of course that rating is achieved using a 70-pound bow with a 350-grain arrow and nothing on the string but a nock set. To test it out the fps rating, I set my Chill R to 70 pounds and shot a 350-grain arrow through my chronograph. Three consecutive shots came in at 337 fps. That’s only 5 fps off the IBO rating—and I had a peep, string loop and Monkey Tails on my string. There’s no doubt the Chill R is as fast as advertised.

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