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June 25, 2013 - The Call's Doug Gilmer

When a company adopts the ideals of Integrity, Innovation, and Impact, it compels all those within the company to live up to those values, personally and professionally, and to produce products as equally uncompromising. For Matt McPherson and Mathews Inc., integrity is the cornerstone of this value triumvirate. They understand people recognize and appreciate integrity today, especially in a world where it is often lacking. Integrity, Innovation, and Impact have not only shaped a company, they have created an archery revolution that is changing lives around the world.

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MCPHERSON.048cMathews Inc. was launched in the mind of an 11-year-old Matt McPherson, whose mother only allowed hunting with a bow. In the early 1970s, bow building became a passion for teenage McPherson. In 1973, he built his first compound bow using recurve limbs. This would ultimately lead to the founding of McPherson Archery and, later, to what would become the Mathews revolution. With the invention of single cam technology, appropriately named SOLOCAM® in 1992, then the parallel limb design in 1996, Mathews set a pace for innovation in the archery industry that a growing number of competitive shooters and bowhunters have been following since. AVS® and Perimeter Weighted® Cam-Technologies, GWhether product innovation, business success, or artistic composition, Matt McPherson credits God with the ideas, insights, and direction that drive them all.eo Grid Lock® Risers, Harmonic Damper® , SE Composite Slim-Limbs®, and the Reverse Assist® Roller Guard™ number among Mathews’ many innovations. New and more exciting bow designs, plus the introduction of its Mission Archery line of bows and accessories, have kept

Mathews at the forefront of the archery industry. Matt McPherson has since used the momentum of those early designs to build a family of successful brands and companies. Rarely can anyone turn on outdoor television or read a hunting magazine without seeing a popular outdoor personality holding a Mathews bow and accessories. An association with Mathews has become a status symbol. People recognize not only Mathews’ innovation, but they appreciate a company built on integrity and principle.

Setting Sights Beyond The Industry

_MG_4871As Mathews continued to drive equipment innovation, its impact also grew beyond traditional archery and bowhunting circles. In 2001 Mathews turned its attention to the next generation of shooters by introducing the Genesis bow line. Because of its low draw weight and no preset draw length, the entire family could shoot a Genesis bow. The next year, Mathews became the founding sponsor of the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP). NASP has introduced archery to over 10 million kids in grades 4 through 12 in their school physical education pro-grams. To date, over 10,000 schools have incorporated NASP programs, including schools in Washington, D.C. The support of Mathews and other insightful industry leaders are making archery more affordable and fun for young people who will carry on this important sporting tradition.Today, thousands of dollars in scholarship money is awarded to top shooters each year thanks to Mathews and the archery industry. To date, Mathews has donated millions of dollars to NASP.



Centershot Ministries was founded in 2005, and shortly thereafter Mathews became the founding sponsor for this great program. Centershot is much like NASP, but it is a resource for local churches to use both internally and as an outreach tool to the community. Matt McPherson has never been shy about his faith and how he owes his success to God. He is also committed to sharing this message in obedience to the Great Commission. Centershot is a perfect opportunity for both Matt and Mathews to be involved in this important mandate and to help promote the motto of Centershot: “Making Christ the Target of Our Lives.” To date, Centershot is in 2,800 churches in 16 countries. Centershot has recently spread to South Africa where more than 200 churches are waiting to start their own programs. Dr. Michael Ritchie of Roscommon, Michigan, a Centershot Ministries board member, says, “Our church has been doing the Centershot program since 2006 and it has transformed our church. It turns lay people into missionaries who have fun planting the seed of God’s Word through the sport of archery. I know that Centershot would not be what it is today without the commitment of Mathews Inc. and Matt McPherson. When we were training the missionaries to the Czech Republic, Matt gave us bows to send back with them so they could get started. This ministry has opened doors to share the gospel for them in ways they never had before.”

Russia_archersIn 2008, Matt McPherson and his team launched Lost Camo® with the tag line “Get Lost or Be Found.” Launching a new camo pattern in an industry primarily dominated by two other brands is a risky business proposition. Matt believed they were on to something unique with the pattern, however. Greater still, Matt had a plan to use Lost Camo® to support ministries around the world. To this day, all profits from the sale and licensing of Lost Camo®, whether on bows, clothing, or accessories, goes to support missionaries and other charitable efforts around the world.

Matt is very clear about this and says, “One hundred percent of the proceeds—not the “majority” or “most of”—but 100 percent of the Lost Camo® profits go towards helping people less fortunate around the world.” According to Director of Licensing Keith Jennings, 750 missionaries around the world are fully supported by Matt McPherson and Lost Camo®, and countless villages and groups of people around the world owe their health and sustainability to the company for helping to provide clean drinking water, healthcare, and education.

Centershot_BaptismThis year, in furthering the commitment to spread the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission, Mathews and, more specifically, Mission Archery became the primary sponsor of bowhunting celebrity and personality Ray Howell’s wildly popular Kicking Bear program. Each year Kicking Bear reaches out across the country to thousands of mostly underprivileged and disadvantaged young people by offering Kicking Bear campouts—free. At each camp young people are introduced to archery, the outdoors, and Jesus Christ, many for the first time. Every kid at every campout gets the love and attention that, sadly, many attendees have never experienced.

Although the “Mathews Revolution” continues to dominate the archery industry, Matt McPherson and the entire Mathews team are most proud of the impact being made not only within the archery industry, but across the globe. “It’s obvious to me that God is the creator of these ideas and I am fortunate enough to be the curator,” Matt says. As his team of engineers and experts create the next big archery innovation, Matt will undoubtedly focus on a bigger mission: taking aim at the world.

Lost Camo: Get Lost Or Be Found

Matt McPherson and the experts at Mathews Inc. designed Lost Camo specifically for bowhunters. Featuring colors found in any season and any state,the large, open patterns in Lost Camo will never appear as a solid color, even at distances out to 1,000 yards. For greater versatility, especially on the ground, the large, open Lost AT design includes terrain and vegetation features from a wider assortment of settings. Hunters blend in and hide whether in the Eastern woodlands, rocky ledges, or sagebrush prairies. Lost AT is the official camo pattern of Mission Archery. Lost Camo and Lost AT are available on a variety of bows, archery accessories, and clothing. Best of all, each time you buy a piece of Lost Camo or Lost AT gear, you help change lives for the better around the world.

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