Ben Cleland Wins NFAA Indoor Nationals

April 8, 2013 - mikez

The NFAA Indoor Nationals was held March 16 – 17 in Louisville, Kentucky.  This is the second leg of the NFAA Three Star Tour.  This tournament uses the one or five spot NFAA Indoor target and the archers turn in two scores.  A perfect score is 600 – 120X’s.  All the competitors that tie for first then shoot off until only one remains.  When the shoot-off’s were complete, Ben Cleland won the championship in the Pro Male Freestyle class.

In the Pro Male Freestyle class, there were eleven competitors that finished the tournament with a perfect score.  The archers continued to shoot off and eventually Ben Cleland was the last man standing.  Levi Morgan finished with a perfect score and in the shoot-off, he dropped an X early and finished in 11th place.

In the Senior Pro Male Freestyle class, the top Mathews finisher was Allan Ruddock. Ruddock had a final score of 600-117 and finished in third place.  Mathews shooters finished with four of the top ten finishers in the class. The rest of the top ten included: Jackie White, 600-116, 5th place; Richard Smith, 600-115, 6th place and Ed Horn, 600-113 in 10th place.

In the Pro Female Freestyle class, the top Mathews finisher was Kelly Ward.  Ward had a final score of 600-114 and finished in 4th place.  Mathews finished with six of the top ten finishers in the class.  The rest of the top ten included: Tristan Skarvan, 600-113, 5th place; Sarah Lance, 600-113, 6th place; Holly Larson, 600-111, 7th place; Christie Colin, 600-111, 8th place and Connie Calloway, 600-109 in 10th place.

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