Jedd Greshock… Mr. Consistent by Tracy Breen

Jedd Greshock… Mr. Consistent by Tracy Breen

April 26, 2010 - Joel

Professional archer, Jedd Greshock from Virginia grew up with a bow in his hand.  “I have been shooting since I was nine years old and got my first Mathews bow when I was thirteen,” Greshock recalled.  “I have always loved the sport.  I grew up in a hunting family.  My dad bowhunted so I started shooting a bow at a young age.”  From the time Greshock was nine until now (he is 23), he has been competing in archery.

During his young life, Greshock has already left his mark on the sport of archery.  Throughout college, Greshock competed in archery.  In 2006, he won the Arizona Cup and was the Collegiate World Champion in 2008.  “I loved competing at the collegiate level and enjoyed the excitement of winning tournaments,” Greschock noted.  “I get really pumped when competing and even more excited when I win.”

A sign of a good athlete is consistency and Greshock is very consistent.  “I turned professional when I was nineteen.  For the past four years, I have made the shoot off in Vegas,” Greshock explained.  This year there were twelve people in the shoot off.  Unfortunately for the fourth year in a row, Greshock went home without winning.  “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed    but to shoot a perfect score for three    days and beat out many other shooters and end up in the shoot-off is a great thing.”  You would think Greshock would be discouraged but he says that is not the case.  “Getting so close to winning the Las Vegas Tournament every year and not winning it makes me more hungry.  Eventually, I will win it.” Whether Greshock ever wins the World Archery Festival or not, at twenty-three years old, he is obviously one of the most consistent shooters around.  He has nerves of steel.  “When I get in front of a crowd, I listen to my iPOD and focus on shooting.  I get excited; I don’t really get nervous.”

Joel Maxfield, Vice President of Marketing for Mathews Archery said, “To make the shoot off as many years in a row as Jedd has is amazing.  We at Mathews are very proud to have him as a member of our team.”

To ensure he can hit the mark, Greshock practices for a few hours several days a week.  He believes that anyone who wants to shoot at the professional level should shoot as much as possible.  “The competition is tough and to compete at the top level, you must practice a lot,” Greshock advised.  He is also a bowhunter who practices at long ranges outside to hone his archery form and skill.  “I practice out to eighty yards when shooting outside.  At long ranges, I can see my flaws and what I am doing wrong.  So shooting at great distances is very important,” Greshock added.  “Shooting at long ranges helps make good shots in the woods also.  Deer and other animals that are at twenty or thirty yards are much easier to hit in the vitals when I practice at eighty yards.”

Greshock is quickly making a name for himself in professional archery.  Don’t be surprised if you see him holding a big check in his hand next year in Las Vegas.  Maybe the fifth year will be his lucky year.

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