Ten Steps Into The Ten Ring by 9 Year Old Maddy Greathouse

Ten Steps Into The Ten Ring by 9 Year Old Maddy Greathouse

April 21, 2010 - Joel

Shawn Greathouse, a member of the Mathews National Professional Staff, has been competing for 17 years.  Shawn and his wife Stacey have four children.  Maddy, their 9 year old daughter, was introduced to the sport of archery at just 4 years old!  Maddy says, “I always loved shooting archery ever since I started, it’s just like a natural thing now.  I love every part.”  Now, archery is a family activity the Greathouse’s enjoy together.  When not shooting archery, Maddy plays soccer and basketball, writing stories, and now hunting.  Maddy recently shared with her 4th grade class and Mathews “10 Steps Into the Ten Ring.”


Have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot. Well, now’s your chance just read the following steps below and you’ll learn in no time!


1.  First, you will need a bow, a target, a release, and some arrows.


2. Next, make your stance is proper. Put your feet

shoulder with apart. Then place equal amounts of weight on each foot.

3. Third, get the correct grip. To get the correct grip put the meat part of your hand on the grip of the bow.



4. Fourth, knock your arrow.



5. Fifth, draw back and aim.



6. Sixth, find an anchor point.


7. Seventh, level your sight.


8. Eighth, release your arrow and follow through.


9. Ninth, now you can see what you got.


10. Tenth, start over with step #2.

Have Fun!!!

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