The Thinker by Bowhunter's Curt Wells

The Thinker by Bowhunter's Curt Wells

December 3, 2009 - Joel


The Thinker
by Curt Wells, Equipment Editor:  Bowhunting Magazine

FEW BOWHUNTERS would recognize him. In a hunting camp, on the street, or walking his own factory floor, he wouldn’t typically elicit a second look, even from those bowhunters who faithfully use the products he creates. It’s highly unlikely you’ll see him on television grinning over a freshly arrowed big game animal, or in the pages of a hunting magazine. Although he has had a huge impact on archery and bowhunting, he keeps a very low profile.  That’s exactly the way Matt McPherson likes it.  “I don’t care to be well-known. I’d rather be sitting in a café somewhere and overhear a bowhunter talk about how much he likes his Mathews bow,” said McPherson, 51, founder of Mathews Solocam. “I didn’t set out to make the most bows, or to make the most money making bows. I wanted to make the best bows.  This innovator won’t appear with many trophy animals on TV or in magazines, but his bows will.

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