Gillingham and Ward Win Lancaster Archery Tournament

Gillingham and Ward Win Lancaster Archery Tournament

January 23, 2006 - Joel

  The Lancaster Archery Tournament was held January 21 – 22 in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  This tournament has gained popularity in the last two years and a large number of professional archers now attend.  The format of the tournament is a little different then most of the other tournaments around.  On the first day, the archers compete in a half NFAA tournament.  This is where the archers shoot 30 arrows at an NFAA target.  The X counts as 10, the normal five ring is nine etc.  On the second day, a Vegas round is shot and the archers are ranked based on the combined scores.  From there, the top 48 archers advance and then they compete in elimination rounds that will narrow the field from 48 to 32, 32 to 16, 16 to 8 and the final 8 go head to head and end with the championship round.  After the final eliminations were held, Tim Gillingham and Kelly Ward were named champions of the Lancaster Archery Tournament.


  In the Men’s Unlimited class, there are a large number of archers that were strong candidates to win the tournament.  This number was cut down to 48 after the qualification rounds were complete.  Team Mathews had a number of archers make it into the field of 48.  The top Mathews seed was Kevin Polish Jr., who was 5th with a score of 627 with 27 11’s.  Duane Price was the next highest Mathews shooter.  Price was 8th with a score of 626 with 26.  The rest of the Mathews shooters in the top 48 were: Forrest Carter, 19th, 624-24; Tim Gillingham, 25th, 623-24; Richard Leftwich, 26th, 623-24; Terry Reynolds, 30th, 622-25; Roger Willett, 35th, 622-22; Scott Romero, 39th, 621-22; Brandon Reyes, 41st, 620-24; Evan Baize, 43rd, 630-23 and Mel Shrewsbury, 48th, 619-24.

  After the first elimination round was complete, the field was cut from 48 to 32.  The top 15 seeds all received a first round bye and they advanced into the second round.   The Mathews shooters that advanced into the second round were: Kevin Polish Jr, 5th,  Duane Price, 8th; Tim Gillingham, 18th 754-35; Forrest Carter, 19th, 754-34; Richard Leftwich, 21st, 753-34; Terry Reynolds, 27th, 749-34; Brandon Reyes, 28th, 749-34 and Evan Baize, 29th , 748-31.

  The second round of eliminations saw the field cut from 32 to 16.  Mathews had a number of archers make it into the third round.  They included: Tim Gillingham, Duane Price, Forrest Carter, Kevin Polish Jr., and Evan Baize.  The third round saw the field cut to 8.  Three Mathews shooters made the cut.  Tim Gillingham, Duane Price and Forrest Carter made it into the head to head rounds.

  In the head to head eliminations, the archers were ranked and the first match saw the 7th and 8th seeds compete.  Forrest Carter advanced into the second round by defeating Gary Smith in the opening round.  Carter then faced Bob Eyler.  Eyler defeated Carter to advance into the next round.  Carter finished in 7th place overall.  Eyler then faced the 5th seed Tim Gillingham and Gillingham advanced.  The next opponent for Gillingham was the 4th seed Reo Wilde.  Gillingham won the match and moved on to face the 3rd seed Ken Kane.  Gillingham’s run continued and he moved on to face the 2nd seed Chance Beaubouef.  Gillingham advanced again to set up an all Mathews finally.  Duane Price was the top seed and the match was close, but in the end Tim Gillingham was just too strong and he won the tournament.  Price finished in second place.


In the Women’s Unlimited class, there was some very strong competition as well.  After the qualification rounds were complete, Team Mathews had three shooters make it to the round of 8.  Kelly Ward was ranked 1st with a score of 620-23; Christie Colin, 3rd, 615-19 and Kim Lassiter, 36th, 598-14.  In the first round of eliminations, all three Mathews shooters advanced.  Ward remained in first place.  Lassiter moved up from 6th to 4th and Colin dropped from 3rd to 6th.  The top 4 archers moved on to the finals.  In the finals, Kim Lassiter met Alicia McHenry and won 124 (7) – 120 (3).  Lassiter then moved on to meet Jamie Van Natta.  Van Natta advanced with a 121 (5) – 119 (3).  Lassiter finished in 3rd place.  Kelly Ward wasted little time showing everyone that her number 1 seed was no fluke.  Ward won the final match 131 (11) – 121 (4) to win the championship.

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