Bath and Stone Win Vegas Titles

Bath and Stone Win Vegas Titles

March 7, 2003 - Joel

Bath and Stone Win Vegas Titles

The 2003 World Archery Festival was held at the Riveria Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada on February 21 – 23, 2003. This is one of the most prestigious indoor shoot in the world. When the final scores were tallied, Jim Bath and Aaron Stone walked away with Vegas Crowns.

The competition in Las Vegas is unlike any in the world. You can cut the tension with a knife. The tournament is as much a test of the shooters nerves as their ability to shoot tens. Jim Bath proved that he was up to the test and won the Senior Compound Unlimited Championship. Jim was the first person to tell you that he has never shot as well as he did this year. His score of 898 with 61 X’s was one point better then the second place finisher. Jim led a group of four Mathews shooters in the top ten. Joining Bath in the top ten were: Glenn Campbell, 895 points, 64 X’s, 3rd place; Roger Thibault, 895 points, 56 X’s, 5th place and Frank Pearson, 892 points, 65 X’s in 7th place.

In the Freestyle Bowhunter Championship, Aaron Stone captured the top spot. Aaron turned in a score of 898 points with 55 X’s. There were four Mathews shooters in the top ten. Joining Stone were: Darin Morgan, 896 points, 65 X’s, 4th place; Bill Pellegrino, 894 points, 65 X’s, 8th place and Rod White, 894 points, 54 X’s in 9th place.

The Compound Unlimited Female Championship saw five Mathews shooters finish in the top ten. The top Mathews finisher was Connie Calloway who shot 897 with 61 X’s and finished in second place. The other Mathews shooters in the top ten included: Alicia McHenry, 893 points, 65 X’s, 5th place; Kelly Ward, 893 points, 55 X’s, 6th place; Ginger Morehead, 893 points, 40 X’s, 7th place and Becky Pearson, 891 points, 59 X’ in 10th place.

The competition in the Compound Unlimited Male Championship was fierce to say the least. There were a total of eleven shooters that finished tied for the lead. All eleven shooters turned in a score of 900. They never dropped a single point in three days of shooting. There were two Mathews shooters that finished in a ten-way tie for second place. Michael Anderson, who won this class last year, finished with a score of 900 points, 74 X’s and Jackie White shot 900 points, 62 X’s. Roger Willet finished in 7th place with a score of 899 with 75 X’s and Jeff Hopkins finished 8th with 899 points and 74 X’s.

Team Mathews turned in a strong showing in the Freestyle Limited Championship as well. William Boyd finished in second place with a score of 887 with 49 X’s and Bob Besanceney finished third with a score of 887 with 45 X’s. Charlie Owens came in 6th with a score of 878 with 31 X’s.

Vic Wunderle finished in second place in the Classic Limited Male Championship class. Wunderle shot the Mathews Olympic Recurve bow and turned in a score of 877 with 40 X’’s.

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