Boothe, Huffman, Crowe & McHenry Win in Florida

Boothe, Huffman, Crowe & McHenry Win in Florida

March 6, 2003 - Joel

The first tournament of the year on the ASA tour was held February 8 – 9 in Gainesville Florida. The rainy conditions could not slow down Team Mathews. Colin Boothe, Rodney Huffman, Tom Crowe and Alicia McHenry all braved the elements and the competition to claim their first titles of the year.

The competition in the Men’s Open Pro class is always tough. An eighth of an inch can mean the difference from first place to tenth place. Mother Nature decided to make thins even more difficult and sent a strong rainstorm to the Gainesville area. This was not enough to keep Colin Boothe from winning the first shoot of the year. Boothe turned in a score of 489 and walked away with the top spot. There were three Mathews shooters in the shoot-off and they finished with the top three places. David Kerg shot a score of 483 and finished second and Chris Fletcher shot 469 to claim third. There were a total of seven Mathews shooters in the top ten finishers. The rest of the Mathews top ten included: Bob Eyler, 412 points, 6th place; Jeremy Jarrett, 412 points, 7th place; Darrin Christenberry, 408 points, 9th place and Walter Rush, 407 points in 10th place.

Rodney Huffman took a ten point lead into the shoot down for Limited Pro and he held off his teammate Brian Goza to win his first title of the season. Huffman’s score of 449 points was 4 points better then Goza’s score of 445 points. Team Mathews finished with the top ten places. The rest of the top ten were: Joseph Goza, 430 points, 3rd place; James Akins, 420 points, 4th place; Ryan Leonard, 414 points, 5th place; Larry Goza, 367 points, 6th place; Buddy Durr, 364 points, 7th place; Gene Curry, 364 points, 8th place; Pete Works, 360 points, 9th place and Jeff Wilson, 359 points in 10th place.

In the Senior Pro class, the battle that raged last year for the Shooter of the Year was picked up right where it left off. Tom Crowe held off teammate Derry Null to take the top honors in Florida. Crowe turned in a score of 488 points and Null had a score of 484 points. There were a total of eight Mathews shooters in the top ten. The rest of the top ten included: George Dixon, 472 points, 4th place; Randall Jones, 474 points, 5th place; Roger Thibault, 412 points, 6th place; Larry Odell, 408 points, 7th place; Les Bressler, 404 points in 8th place and Sid Lett, 400 points in 9th place.

In the Women’s Pro class, nine points separated the top five finishers. Alicia McHenry led by four points going into the shoot down and she walked away with a six point victory. McHenry Jeanna Allbritain (Wallace) finished in second place with a score of 460 points. Mathews had nine shooters in the top ten. The rest of the top ten included: Connie Calloway, 458 points, 3rd place; Ginger Morehead, 458 points, 4th place; Jennie Richardson, 457 points, 5th place; Susan Thompson, 390 points, 6th place; Joella Bates, 389 points, 7th place; Paige English, 384 points, 8th place and Lauri Watson, 379 points in 10th place.

The next tournament is the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada and is February 21 – 23, 2003.

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