Mathews Forum Updates

August 14, 2012 - Mathews Inc.

Mathews will be upgrading their forums platform to provide additional benefits and features for our users. The upgrade will begin on August 27th (Monday) and will continue until all forum content has been transferred. During this transition, the existing Mathews forums will be put into maintenance mode as the migration is in progress.  This process will take between 24-48 hours so that we can ensure that all information has ported over into the new system correctly.

Some important notes in regards the migration process:

  • All current form topics/threads will be imported into the new system.
  • All forum user accounts will be migrated into the new system as a My Mathews Account.  If you already have an account on, your user account from the forums will automatically be transferred into that account if your email addresses match.  If not, a new My Mathews account will be created for you and all of your forum information in regards to topics/threads will be maintained within that account.
  • User signatures will not be ported over and will need to be remade.
  • User Avatars will be ported over within your account.
  • Not all imagery within posts will be able to be ported over from threads.  If you wish to save imagery from the old forum, you should do so before the transfer.

Some important notes regarding new features:

  • Your new account on will grant you access to your account information (including avatar and user signature) as well as your own photo and bow locker.
  • The integration of the forums topics/threads within the main site will allow us to provide a resource for a larger Mathews Community.

Thank you for your support and patience during this migration process and we look forward to providing more features in the future!

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