August 14, 2012 - mziebell

This past weekend’s 3D action was the 2012 IBO World Championship, held in beautiful Seven Springs, PA.  Archers from across the globe attended this event providing a full field of amateurs and pro’s alike.  When the winners were announced, Levi Morgan and Jeff Cortright won the title in their respective classes.


In the Open Pro Category, Mathews Pro Staff Members dominated the field.  Levi Morgan won his third IBO World Championship in a row.  Morgan had a final score of 517-25 to capture the title.  Second place went to Darrin Christenberry with a score of 517-21. Tommy Gomez was third with a score of 514-24. Mathews took home all three podium positions!  Mathews shooters finished with five of the top ten finishers in the class.  The rest of the top ten included: Jack Wallace II, 500-12, 6th place and Brandon Reyes was 9th with a score of 400-14.


  In the Senior Pro class, Jeff Cortright used his Mathews bow to capture the championship with a final score of 490-12.  Lynn Morrison was second with a score of 486-17.  Mathews finished with seven of the top ten finishers in the class.  The rest of the top ten included: Randall Jones, 480-15, 4th place; Charles Blankenship, 476-12, 6th place; Tom Crowe, 476-11, 7th place; Charles Thomas, 377-12, 9th place and Bill Sennick, 375-9 in 10th place.


  In the Pro Female class, the top Mathews finisher was Kailey Johnston.  Johnston had a final score of 484-9 and finished in second place.  Alicia McHenry was third with a score of 475-11.  Mathews finished with eight of the top ten finishers in the class.  The rest of the top ten included: Jeanna Allbritain, 472-12, 4th place; Kaitlyn Price, 366-4, 6th place; Samantha Morgan, 364-10, 7th place; Rhonda Calhoun, 348-9, 8th place; Kelly Ward, 348-6, 9th place and Tina Huntzinger, 342-6 in 10th place.

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