Gellenthien wins Face to Face

December 23, 2011 - mziebell

Braden Gellenthien wins Face to Face in Great Britain during live coverage of the event.  The Gold Medal match went into the fifth end, with Braden winning the match 6-4 to capture the title.


Braden eased through the qualification rounds which took place within a hall of approximately 60 targets.  Braden said the event “reminded me a lot of the Vegas shooting hall as far as the targets, shooters, and room for spectators.”


During the event, a trade-show area was set opposite of the venue, with an area for walking and viewing in addition to the area set aside for spectators.  There were several video cameras set up strategically on important matches and also set to overview the facility that were streaming live on the web during the event.  Braden related the venue was really busy the entire time we were there, the majority of the action at the clickers booth… They had a bunch of Mathews bows on display and I had placed a few of my targets on display; it was definitely one of the hotspots of the event.


The shoot down (final two elimination rounds + the finals) was moved over to a new area to put a lot more emphasis on our matches and create a much more viewer-friendly area.  Here they had me placed in the “online footage” group… where approximately 50% of matches were shown live.�
Fro the finals, shooters were introduced and walked out in front of the crowd for the head to head match.  Alternating arrows, 20 seconds per shot, a running scoreboard and announcers/arrow spotters calling out each arrow provided updates for the spectators about what was going on in the match.


Braden’s recount of the final match:


End 1, I was down 29-30, so PJ got 2 points for that end.

End 2, I tied things up 30-29, so it was now 2-2.

End 3, we tied 30-30… Match score:  3-3.

End 4, we tied at 29-29… Match score: 4-4.

End 5, I was shooting first.. 10, he followed it with a 10.  Arrow 2, 10.  he followed it with a 10 again.  Arrow 3, another 10… the crowd noise and cheering was overwhelming, this which may have affected him and he shot a 9 on the final arrow.  I won the match 6-4.


“It was an awesome experience and a great tournament.  I really like the F2F structure for tournaments and hope that it’s utilized in other events in the future.  I feel like it really allows the better archers to consistently make the finals and be on showcase for the crowds”, Braden said.

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