Mathews Dominant Bucks with Stan Potts

Join Whitetail Hunting pro Stan Potts and his team of SoloCam Pros… as they dive into the what, where, when, why and how of big buck hunting. Potts has harvested four whitetail bucks scoring over 200 inches and leads a cast of top hunters in this new and exciting “how to hunt mature bucks” television series.

Featuring SoloCam hunts…. A SoloCam Pro is a pseudo acronym for a Solo Cameraman Producer- or a hunter who video tapes his own hunt.

Watch as these expert hunters bow hunt the mega giant midwestern whitetails that they have patterned all summer… Learn the strategies that will help get you in bow range on Dominant Bucks.. Learn how to video tape your own buck hunts to be considered for a chance to be on Dominant Bucks with Stan Potts.  High Quality and in-depth coverage on the challenge of hunting mature whitetail bucks.