Hunting Trophy Whitetail Tactics

October 30, 2011 - Mathews Inc


When it comes to bowhunting big whitetails, few hunters can keep up with Hunter’s Specialties Pro Staffer Phillip Vanderpool.

Bowhunting World: What drives you to bowhunt trophy whitetails?
Phillip Vanderpool: The anticipation… waiting all summer, checking trail cameras, watching bachelor groups feeding on summer food sources. The challenge of a mature buck and me—beating him at his own game and getting him to within bow range. The satisfaction of making that perfect shot and watching him go down.

BW: What is the most memorable of the trophy bucks you’ve taken with a bow?
Vanderpool: I have many fond memories with big bucks and have been fortunate to take 18 Pope and Young trophy whitetails, two of which are Boone and Crockett standard, but my fondest memory is the Double Drop-tine Buck (scoring 2013⁄8) that I was fortunate to take on my mother’s birthday (October 29).

BW: How is hunting mature whitetail bucks different from hunting younger bucks?
Vanderpool: Once a buck has reached 4.5 years of age he becomes almost unkillable. When the velvet comes off he will become nocturnal. A lot of times he will be nocturnal even in velvet. I have learned the older the buck, the smaller the core area he has. It will be an area with very little disturbance. It will also have three things: food, cover, and water.

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