Stand Sense

October 3, 2011 - Mathews Inc

by Deer & Deer Hunting’s Daniel Schmidt

Deer hunting is a unique sport. It’s a pastime that most us daydream about all year, then enjoy for a few short weeks each autumn. But for Minnesota’s Pat Reeve, deer hunting is a bit more complicated. For him, chasing trophy whitetails is a personal passion — and a full-time business.

Reeve spends countless weeks filming, producing and co-starring in his own TV show — Driven With Pat and Nicole. Although it might sound like a dream job, it also means Reeve constantly faces nonstop travel and the extreme pressure of always having to outsmart mature whitetails.

Reeve’s transformation from a good deer hunter to a hunting industry celebrity didn’t happen by chance. This former full-time taxidermist, deer hunting guide and videographer has earned his stripes through a tireless work ethic and 20-plus years of dedicated deer hunting. His keys to success are many, but tree stand placement and hunting strategies have pushed his abilities to a level reserved for the nation’s elite bow-hunters.

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