Strike Now

September 27, 2011 - Mathews Inc

by Deer & Deer Hunting’s Thomas J Carpenter

As summer wanes, deer hunters start dreaming of archery season. We unlimber bows and back muscles, practicing our shooting for longer sessions as the days shorten. Scouting trips happen. Catalogs come out. And whitetails fill our dreams night and day.

Some hunters wait for a frosty morning, colorful leaves or even the rut itself. It’s easy to talk yourself out of hunting when the weather is sultry, the bugs thick and the cover jungle-like. But bow season’s best days are its first ones. Hunting in warmth can be pleasant. The foliage hides you and any movements, the mosquitoes are beatable and, most importantly, the deer are “patternable.”

After a long summer of easy living, whitetail predictability is at a high for the year. Preferred food sources are consistent and well-stocked. Deer bedding areas haven’t been disturbed much. Water is a daily necessity. And the testosterone-addled unpredictability of the rut is a distant challenge. If there is a time of year when a whitetail’s guard is down just a little bit, it’s now.

Turn to this early season bow-hunter’s toolbox of strategies and techniques to arrow a whitetail while the leaves are still green.

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