Shaping the World of Archery

September 27, 2011 - Mathews Inc

by Deer & Deer Hunting’s Steve Bartylla

I will never forget the day I met Mathews’ founder and CEO, Matt McPherson. I’d been writing for just a couple of years, and a magazine editor called to say he and the magazine’s top ad guy would be in my home state of Wisconsin to interview McPherson. He suggested I meet them for lunch.

Although McPherson is extremely gracious and disarming, I admit I feared I wouldn’t really fit in. After all, I’d only written about 10 articles and was by far the least important person sitting at the table. To my surprise, I never once felt like that the entire meal. In fact, despite the magazine staffers being there to do a piece promoting Mathews, McPherson seemed to spend more time making sure I felt like the most important person at the table than he did promoting Mathews. I left Sparta that day the newest member of Mathews’ Pro Staff, without ever having asked for the honor. Fifteen years and more than 700 articles later, I still look at that day as one of the most significant in my career.

Yet, Mathews has done so much more than help me step into this industry. This amazing company has shaped the archery world. Nearly every advancement they’ve unveiled has been major, and there have been truckloads of them.

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