Z7 Xtreme Bow Report by Bow and Arrow’s Joe Bell

August 30, 2011 - Mathews Inc

Some archery companies thrive on executing concepts that are truly outside the box. Initially, many of these engineering ideas are not perceived well, but as with any ingenious invention that is well ahead of its era, it takes time for consumers to absorb the concept and to really see it for what it’s worth.

This has happened repeatedly over the last two decades or so as Mathews owner and inventor Matt McPherson has launched bows that were well beyond conventional limits. But, as usual, you simply have to “shoot it to believe it.” Once you do, the “light” of brilliancy switches on, and the rest is history. I’ve seen this with the first-ever compound using a dual-feed single-cam design, a bow with parallel limbs and a long bow riser, a handle with Harmonic Dampers and a cable guard that virtually eliminates all unwanted string friction.

The company operates on a simple motto: integrity, innovation and impact. So far, Mathews has lived up to this motto year after year. But can the company continue the legacy in such a highly competitive world?

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