What Can Happen on a Bear Hunt

May 25, 2011 - Mathews Inc

This was my  first (1st) night on stand we had a sow and two (2) cubs of this year to come in @ 7:30 PM and she proceeded to whip the heck out of every boar bear that even came close to my stand.  Then when the guide came in to pick us up @ 10:00 PM  the cubs ran up a Poplar about 15 yards from us and went all the way to the top and the sow  which was huge / laid down at the base of the tree the cubs were in.  When the guide pulled up I let him know that the sow was close and when he seen how close he got real nervous!!! And stated, “Hurry the heck up” and we got down and of course we (the guide and I) had our eyes on the sow all the time.  The Cameraman first time bear filming and he just thought it was no big deal and we hustled his butt up and got out of there without any incident.

The second (2nd) night we had no more got into our stand and the guide drove off on his Quad and it came the storm of all storms.  Lightning, hail, torrential downpour, and wind bending the big spruce trees over!  That was enough for me drowned like a rat and out of the tree stand we came and went deep into the swamp and got under a very squatty spruce and prayed for no more lightning, but it came constantly (lightning)  for over an hour.  Plus plenty of rain, after an hour I told my cameraman you can stay here and freeze for the temperature was falling or go with me and walk out to the truck, WE WALKED OUT AND IT WAS AT LEAST WARMER WALKING.

The third (3rd) night we went to the third (3rd) different stand in as many nights.   The Quad had no more left the bait and we had bears coming to the bait.  Long story short we seen over 20 bears!  Boars chasing yearlings, boars chasing hot sows, sows with cubs, and one monster boar that was on a reconyx camera the night before and he came straight at us and tipped the barrel over toward him and he ate  and then got up and walked straight away.”I picked out another tree to set up in for tomorrow night in case that Boar did the same trick”  The Guide returned to pick us up @ 9:50 PM as it was dark in the spruce swamp where we was sit up and  loosing camera light. As we got down and was ready to go, my guide said look @ that bear coming in from the right and it was a medium sow.  We watched her as she ate some meat scrapes and then I looked to my left and here came another bear!  My guide stated, “That is a big bear, Shoot it!”  I looked @ my cameraman and he gave me the thumbs up.  I waited till the bear was within 15 yards and I put a Carbon express 350 / lost Camo with a 2 blade / 2 inch RAGE thru the bear. The bear ran 20 yards and fell down @ least three (3) times and then the death moan. All on film.  What excitement.  Will make a great show and that Reezen shot that arrow completely thru the bear and out on the other side about 5 yards!!  Awesome performance and penetration.

I hope you had a great hunt, I know we did not get to visit very much @ the Airport on Sunday afternoon  I know you said you killed two good bears?  Would love to hear the story.  Rick, FYI  We had all kinds of troubles with the U.S. Customs getting thru check point.  My camera man had an  agent that detained him because he did not have a Form 4457 for our camera and other “expensive” items?  I know you have traveled thru to Canada and back to the U.S. and no one has ever asked for a Carina or a Form 4457.  The form 4457 is a travel paper for any item that is of Value you have to have to prove you did not buy that piece of equipment in another country!  They want the taxes and duty on those items if you can not prove it was bought in the U.S.  We finally did get on our plane but I had to leave all of my camera equipment in Canada.  Fortunately, I have a friend in Edmonton, Alb. And he came over and picked up my camera equipment and shipped same back home to me but not after a lot of problems from the U.S. Customs office.

Good Hunting:


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