Larson Wins Lancaster Archery Classic

Larson Wins Lancaster Archery Classic

February 8, 2011 - mziebell

 The 8th Annual Lancaster Archery Classic was held January 28 – 30 in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  This tournament has grown rapidly in the short time that it has been around.  After the final rounds were completed, Holly Larson won her first title of the season.

  In the Women’s Unlimited class, the qualification round saw three Mathews shooters were sitting in first (Sarah Lance), third (Holly Larson) and fifth (Alicia McHenry). As the elimination rounds would down, Sarah Lance was eliminated and finished in fifth spot.  When the final scores were announced, Holly Larson walked away with her first win of the season.  Alicia McHenry finished in third .

  In the Men’s Unlimited class, Grant Schleusner was the top Mathews finisher.  Schleusner worked his was all the way to the final and finished in second place. Braden Gellenthien finished in ninth place.

  In the Men’s Masters class, Bill Sennick was the top Mathews finisher.  Sennick finished in the 5th spot.  Todd Schultz (8th), Tom Coblentz (9th) and Charles Blankenship (10th), also finished in the top ten.

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